Fundamentals of Wet Laminating



This two-day interactive course takes a practical view of the tools and techniques used in the wet lay up process. During the course the candidate will have the opportunity to understand the theory of wet lay materials as well as experience the making of parts in a simulated industrial environment.

Precursor to course - must have attended: CT05 - Introduction To Composite Materials, Properties And Processes.

COURSE LEVEL: Beginner / Novice


PRICE: £600 plus VAT at current rate

Delegates will gain a good understanding of wet lay-up. This course provides a rounded foundation for further learning.

The delegate on completion of the course will be able to work in the industry with a good understanding of the materials used

The course is aimed at individuals who are new to the industry using wet lay up or in entry level roles within the industry.
Classroom with practical sessions.


• Application of gel and coat resins and additives used
• Control of the emissions and exotherm
• Epoxy vs polyester
• The cure process
• Health and Safety related to the process
• Materials used in the process
• Equipment
• Practical, laminating of various shapes and complexities

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