Fundamentals of Prepreg Laminating



This 2 day course is aimed at people who would like to gain an entry into the prepreg process. During the course it brings together the practical understanding and techniques required of this process. The course is delivered in bit size sessions to give the candidate the opportunity to fully understand the process. On completion of the course the candidate will be able to enter the market place and have a greater understanding of the materials used.

Precursor to course - must have attended: CT05 - Introduction To Composite Materials, Properties And Processes.

COURSE LEVEL: Beginner Novice


PRICE: £600 plus VAT at current rate

• Understand the principles of prepreg lay up
• Understand how the various fabrics assist or hinder the laminating process.
• Make given components by the prepreg process
The course is aimed at individuals who are new to the industry using prepreg or in entry level roles within the industry.
Classroom based with practical exercises.


• Pre-preg materials and how it is made
• Lay-up specifications
• Tooling care and preparation
• Release agents
• Vacuum bagging and debaulks
• Leak detection
• Material handling and storage
• Faults and issues with Prepreg
• Health and safety related to the process

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