Fundamentals of Resin infusion



This course is suitable for people who would like to understand resin infused composite materials and don’t know where to start. The course follows the full production process for a simple moulded part, with range of materials and simple techniques. At the end of the course, participants should feel confident in using readily available materials in a basic workshop environment Precursor to course - must have attended: CT05 - Introduction To Composite Materials, Properties And Processes.

COURSE LEVEL:Beginner / Novice


PRICE: £600 plus VAT at current rate

• Understand how pressure differentials cause resin to flow through a laminate stack
• Select appropriate infusion equipment – vacuum pump types, resin handling/inject pumps, bag types etc
• Understand how fabric type, areal density and weave; resin viscosity, thixotropy and cure times and core/bulking materials assist and hamper resin flow through a laminate
• Develop infusion strategies and set up a given mould for resin flow infusion moulding – laminate stack, consumables stack, vacuum bag, resin injection and vacuum connections etc
The course is aimed at individuals who are new to the industry using resin infusion or in entry level roles within the industry.
Classroom based with practical exercises.


• Infusion processes
• Pressure and Vacuum
• Resin viscosity
• Epoxy vs polyester
• The cure process
• Designing the process
• Materials
• Equipment
• Vacuum bagging
• Practical

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