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Consuta Training – CEO

Mr Chris Little

Chris is an exceptional instructor for Consuta Training Ltd. His experience as Training Officer for Vestas Blades enables him to assist companies in developing all of their composite training requirements. His reputation for excellence in all facets of the industry is second to none, and Chris has carried this commitment to excellence into the creation of Consuta Training Ltd.

Chris has been involved with industry for the last 15 years, recognises the industry's need for a standard and qualification specific to the industry. To this end he has become involved with the development of national qualifications. Over the years this has included the National e Composites Network group for skills as Chair, consultant to the sector Skills Councils for Composites (COGENT/SEMTA), past Chair of Composites UK (Trade association) and currently Director with responsibility for skills and learning.

But can he teach you ask?

Yes, and Chris knows his stuff! During his time with Vestas he oversaw the development and training of 400 employees, and assisted with the training of a further 150 turbine technicians in Denmark and Australia. He develops and writes the course material and oversees every detail of the training requirements. His presentation style is lively and his ability to transfer theory into practical application is riveting (pardon the pun...).

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