"The course was fantastic! I got all the help I needed and left feeling so confident. I immediately signed up for the ‘Advanced technician’ course. I would highly recommend Consuta Training!"

Wind Energy Competent Technician

By far our most popular technicians course with the peace of mind that it's industry approved by Germanischer Lloyd

Blade Repair & Inspection (BRAI) Awareness

This Wind Turbine Blade Repair and inspection course is the first stage of blade repair an introduction into composite repair

Wet Lay Up Laminating

Expand the skill-set of you or your staff by adding competence in Wet Lay Up Laminating to your's or their working knowledge. Push yourself to the next level!

Prepreg Laminating

Learn to work with fibers and epoxy in this in-depth course which will give you the confidence to get a head start and progress in the composites industry


Below you will find a list of our upcoming course dates, a bit about our consultancy and an excerpt of our latest news.
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Upcoming Course Dates

NVQ Programme

The implementation of an NVQ programme can be used as an extension or alternative to in-house training, thus providing a recognised qualification assessed in the practical and underpinning areas, and based on a national standard. One of the benefits of running an NVQ programme is that It enables the company to achieve the best possible outcome from the qualification. Read more...

What can Consuta offer you?

  • Excellent professionalism
    Excellent professionalism

    When you choose a course with Consuta, you're choosing a step in the right direction for your career. Our instructor has trained some of the best technicians in the country.

  • Support throughout your course
    Support throughout your course

    Asking questions is what gets you answers and ultimately helps you learn. Our instructors are there supporting you from day one. We're always here to help you.


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